Oh, Snap: Get Your Photos Featured On Nashvillest

Every day on Nashvillest, we do our best to brighten up our posts with some fun, eye-catching photos that help us see our city through different eyes–your eyes, actually. Most of the photos you see here are taken by our readers and submitted to us through the Nashvillest Flickr pool. But things stay pretty busy around here at the Nashvillest HQ and we realized we haven’t been giving our pool the TLC it needs to grow and thrive and keep cranking out amazing pictures for us to share. In the coming weeks, we’ll be cleaning things out a bit and hopefully have it looking nice soon. Meanwhile, here are some tips for getting your images featured here on the blog:
  • Location, location, location. Since we’re a Nashville-centric blog, we’re looking for pictures from in and around Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Not that we don’t love to see those beautiful vacation photos from our globetrottin’ Nashvillians, but we try to keep our own pool focused on the sights here at home.
  • We can’t use them if we can’t download them. There are lots of gorgeous photos that we’d love to share with our readers, but privacy settings prevent us from doing so. Though there are lots of reasons you may choose to disable downloading for your photos, this means you won’t see them featured on the site. If you’d like to see your photos on Nashvillest, please adjust your privacy settings. Feel free to add us as a contact if you’d still like to limit downloads to your contacts only.
  • Don’t spam us. We understand that many of you are pros and like to display your portraits and wedding photography on Flickr. We’ve also seen a couple of folks posting ads or photos of products they have for sale. These aren’t the kind of photos we’re looking for, and out of respect for all the other folks who check out the pool each day, we will be removing those at our discretion.
  • Seriously, y’all. No nudity. We try to keep it family-friendly around here and we feel very confident that there are many, many Flickr pools for those boob pictures you keep sending us. The Nashvillest pool is not one of them.
  • Have fun! You all are our eyes and ears. If you’re at a cool event, take some pictures and put them in the pool! If you see something funny or downright weird in your travels around Music City, snap some photos of it and put them in the pool. If you’re staring at a gorgeous sunset over the Harpeth, send us that too.  We want to see what you see.

Photo by Nathan T. Baker.

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