Happy 4th: We Hope You Know Your Back Roads [Road Closures]

It’s a holiday weekend, and you know what that means… Road closures! Check out the road closures below, commit them to memory (or print them out) and enjoy being in the know while your friends sit in traffic all day. And stay safe!

Closing Friday, July 2:

  • Acme Alley
  • WB lane on 1st Avenue from Broadway to Church
  • Riverfront Park Arrival Court

Closing Saturday, July 3:

  • 1st Avenue from Demonbreun to Church Street
  • Broadway from 1st to 2nd Avenue

Closing Sunday, July 4:

  • 4th Avenue from Broadway to Demonbreun (5-8am only)
  • Broadway and sidewalks from 2nd Avenue to 3rd Avenue
  • 2nd Avenue and sidewalks from Demonbreun to Church Street
  • 1st Avenue from Church to Union
  • Commerce between 2nd and 3rd Avenue
  • Bank Street and sidewalks between 1st and 2nd Avenue
  • Church Street and sidewalks between 1st and 2nd Avenue
  • Gay Street Connector
  • Sidewalks under/side of Shelby Pedestrian Bridge, 1st to 3rd Ave
  • Victory Lane from Titan Way to South 2nd Street
  • South 1st Street from Victory Lane to South 2nd Street
  • Woodland Street and Gateway/Korean Veterans Memorial bridges (closed to vehicles from 8pm to post-fireworks only)

All streets will re-open no later than 5am Monday, July 5.

Photo by ryantron.

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