You Tell Us: What’s The Best Place To Watch Fireworks? [Nashvillest Polls]

All right, Nashville. Reader @rebeccasjones wants to know: What’s the best place in Nashville to watch the fireworks display this 4th of July? Is it from one of the bridges? Is it Love Circle, despite a certain giant square abode? Or do you have a special rooftop spot that we’re not allowed to know about (we’ll only tell a few people, we promise…)

We’re partial to parking on the east side and catching the show from either the pedestrian bridge or the Woodland Street bridge, but we know there are some good non-downtown spots with a clear view and a lot less traffic. So fill us (and our readers) in!

UPDATE: We’re getting some great suggestions in the comments and on Twitter, including the Adventure Science Center, the downtown Hilton’s balcony, on a private office rooftop (lucky!), the Belmont parking garage, downtown churches and more! Keep ‘em coming.

Photo by Clément Livolsi.