Happy Hour: This Little Piggy Went To Market

  • A big ol’ list of laws will go into effect July 1 (that’s Thursday, for anyone keeping track). They make it illegal to sell synthetic urine, allow the Sewanee Inn to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, require country of origin labeling on catfish, permit handgun carrying while big game bowhunting during the archery-only deer season and add www.tnvacation.com to all of our license plates, among other things. [Post Politics]
  • The Tennessee Center for Policy Research’s 2010 Pork Report is out, and a $15 million swimming pool in Kingsport tops the list of wasteful state spending this year. [Post Politics]
  • Nashville’s new “We Are Home” program aims to provide an additional $50 million to 2,000 flood victims in the form of low-interest loans and grants. [City Paper]
  • Nashville Global Academy, one of the area’s first charter schools, could be shut down by the end of the week due to fiscal irresponsibility. [WSMV]
  • Count another 225 jobs in LaVergne and 98 jobs in Cool Springs among the over 2,400 job casualties in Middle Tennessee since the beginning of May. [WKRN]
  • Another suspicious package found in Clarksville? Eh, it’s probably just another messy box of ribs. [WSMV]

Photo by dobrych.

  • Before we moved to Chattanooga my wife & I would go to Sip over in the South Inglewood area. The back deck was pretty awesome on nice, warm days.

    • I’ve actually been to Sip! They make a great drink, but I heard that they changed to an ice cream/coffee place and I haven’t been over there since the switch, so didn’t include them by name.

  • As a native Seattleite (i.e. coffee elitist) Cafe Coco is not what i think of when I think of Coffee in TN. I think Ugly Mugs and Crema are the only two places in the city that really know what the hell there doing when it comes to good coffee.

  • Katharine

    Make that two for Sip Cafe.

    • Have you been since the ownership switch? I’m curious as to what it’s like now. Will have to stop by soon.

      • Katharine

        It’s not so much a combo ice cream/coffee shop so much as it’s a coffee shop that offers ice cream…but, I agree with the poster below that there’s not a lot of room. It’s best on nice days when you can sit in the courtyard.

  • Count me as the one vote (so far!) for Drinkhaus. But it really is my favorite.

  • I have to say, I haven’t been to Sip much at all since it changed hands. There is just not enough room. I would much rather go to Ugly Mugs (or Portland Brew East).

    When I cross the river it is Crema for me.

    BTW, how can I frequent Crema and Ugly Mugs and never have run in to either of Nashvillest there?

    • Oh, you know… it’s those pesky day jobs. 😉

  • Drinkhaus it is for me also!

  • Mark

    Ugly Mugs coffee tastes like YMCA coffee. Seriously a 15 sec shot? Come one! Crema all the way.

  • WheeeGuy

    Another local gem to stop at when you’re in the market to buy beans is Davis Cookware in Hillsboro Village (between the Villager and Bookman). There are always fresh sample most of the time and a number of hand bagged roasts/blends/flavors.

    The store is in charming disarray like you would picture in a Harry Potter book. Its owners are very friendly and colorful if not a bit nutty. Overall it is a good local business I like to support.

  • Java Pro

    Portland Brewery easily, hands down, has the best brew in town. Its liquid smooth, much like I imagine uncut coke to be like. More to the point ugly mugs taste like this mornings stool, and, to be quiet honest I think it has the texture of gelatinized sperm.
    this is all.

    • I would make this comment of the day, but I’m not sure how our readers would ever live up to the standard again.

    • Not that I’m agreeing about Ugly Mugs, but you know. Still pretty hilariously worded.

  • waitsfornone

    A higly biased vote for Ugly Mugs!

  • I propose we all stop drinking coffee.

  • vlee

    Don’t you hate when you enjoy a place yet can’t stand the people that work there? Perfect example… FIDO.

  • mills

    I have been an avid supporter of Portland Brew for close to 9 years and I have to say that it wins for me, hands down. I have never personally been to Crema and have heaard great things but, come on, Ugly Mugs? They are an absolute joke! They don’t seem to have a clue on how to brew coffee and pull shots and the coffee (I do like Drew’s Brew’s) should be better than that.

    I have no good things to say about Bongo and Fido either because I have NEVER had nice service there.

  • Cindy

    I love the fact that Ugly Mugs opened across the street from Portland Brew. Ugly Mugs is very kid friendly. They have a great area for children (and they can be loud with no complaints). What I usually do is fill my travel mug at Portland Brew (sorry Mugs, but your coffee is bad), then head over to ugly Mugs with the kid. I do buy my daughter a hot chocolate at Mugs.

  • jim

    While I agree with Ugly Mugs, you can’t voice you preference before the vote!

  • ben

    And now the next pole… where do Nashvillest readers live/work?

  • Gza

    I was in Ugly Mugs last week, quite unimpressed with everything there especially the immigrants they had working in the back. I havn’t tried Crema yet, so I voted PORTLAND BREW. I try to be in there most days and the atmosphere is second to none.

  • Crema because Rachel knows how to make the perfect espresso drinks and her ‘crema’ is what it’s all about! Oh, and the size is sooooo important too and she has just the right cups.

  • SIP!!!