Bright & Early: Sweet Relief Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’re running a little late this morning, but enjoy your abbreviated Bright & Early on the coolest day in June!

  • And commuters rejoice. TDOT has secured $100 million in funding to widen I-65 in Williamson County. The work could begin before the end of summer, and will add lanes to two sections of 65 between Highway 96 and State Route 840.
  • Unhappy people. Republican Congressional candidate Lou Ann Zelenik claims to be receiving death threats after her controversial statements about the new Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. Most notably, she declared that the mosque is “designed to fracture the moral and political foundation of Middle Tennessee.”
  • Bits & pieces. How could anyone hit the kittens?Hot dogs pay the bills … East Nashville’s original Lockeland Springs may soon become a Metro park … Almost 200 people showed up last night for the first of four community meetings regarding the city’s flood buyout planToo many people getting hit by vehicles this week. What gives, Nashville?

Photo by Peppysis.

  • The TWSRA is a pretty clear case of not wanting to have to deal with any competition.

    The site claims “…studies show that more minors experiment with wine than beer”, but neglects to mention which study that was. I’ve never seen any teenage wine connoisseurs, but I’ve seen plenty of teens wanting to get their hands on beer or liquor.

    What’s troubling to me is the way they are getting people to sign their petition. It has 2 issues that have at least a halfway decent argument regarding the effect on teen drinking. I may not ultimately agree with them, but at least they make you stop and think for a minute. The wine argument is absurd, but I’m willing to bet they have a lot of people who signed based solely on the first 2 and that calls into question the validity of the entire petition.

  • Marshall W

    I’m just happy to be able to buy beer. Having lived most of my life in Pennsylvania, not only where you can not buy any alcohol in the grocery store but have to go to one store to buy beer and another to get wine/liquor, I’m just glad I can get beer just about anywhere down here. Oh also in Pennsylvania you couldn’t just walk into a beer outlet and purchase a single or a six pack, you had to buy it by a case. You could get six packs from some bars but that will cost ya.

  • UrbanCowgirl

    We have the same problem with wine/grocery here in NYC, but the TJs that opened up in Union Square a few years ago simply opened a Trader Joe’s Wine Store next door. It’s a completely separate brick and mortar store. Y’all should look into this because there’s nothing like running into Trader Joe’s on a Friday after work and grabbing 6 bottles for less than $30 (and this isn’t even limited to Chuck!).

    As for wine in general grocery, we don’t have that here either. However, I was in Chicago for work last week and learned that Target sells both wine AND hard liquor there. I have no issue with this other than the fact that it’s just weird!

  • Make It Yourself!

    Here’s what you’re looking for – the instructions to make Two Buck Chuck at home! Step 1: Buy a 5-lliter box of Chardonnay from the cheapest supplier available, Step 2: Find an empty Chardonnay bottle. Step 3: (This is the mort important part, so pay attention) Fill the empty bottle with the wine from the box. Step 4: Put a cork in it.

    That’s all you have to do!