Bright & (Not So) Early: Kaboom Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We hope you’re ready for another soggy, thundery day. While we’re talking about storms, let’s not forget the hundreds of folks who are still rebuilding from the flood. Over 6 weeks later, dozens of families in Antioch are still without electricity and running water, the Animal Hospital of West Nashville is still trying to secure the funds to rebuild and many individuals are still waiting for the Senate to pass a flood insurance program before they can begin rebuilding their homes. Also, don’t expect to be able to cool off some Metro pools quite yet!

  • Can lightning strike twice? Nashville artist Brad Coriell has offered his services to Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio. You know, the (former) home of  the “Touchdown Jesus” statue that got struck by lightning last week? Mr. Coriell would like to help the church reconstruct the big ol’ Jesus in whatever way he can.
  • Ride, Sally, ride. Two Nashvillians are riding their bikes across the country to raise money for Graceworks Ministries, a Franklin organization distributing food, clothing, furniture and other items to flood victims. You can follow their journey and donate at
  • Did someone say guns in parks? We heard you guys had a really exciting evening at Movies in the Park last night, while we were sweating it out to some Ke$ha (what? It was a benefit!). Though we’re waiting for some sort of official word, responsible citizen @heimkev kept us in the loop via Twitter as he spoke to police and learned what was going on. Y’all be careful the next time you head out to watch a chick flick in the park! Update: Kevin Heim summarized the report he received from police on his blog. Looks like it was just fireworks after all!
  • Bits & pieces. Chris Johnson finally speaks: “I can’t play for $550,000.” Well, we’re right back where we started on that one … A “mysterious package” found in Clarksville brought out the bomb squad, but it was just a box of ribs too messy to leave inside … Cummins, Inc. will bring 200 new jobs to Nashville (and we need ‘em).

Photo by DDFic.

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