The Other Best-Of: Toast Of Music City Voting Ends June 20

Just a few days left for you to pick your favorite local restaurants, bars, celebrities, blogs (ahem) and more in The Tennessean’s 3rd annual Toast of Music City contest. Voting ends on June 20, and from now until then, you can vote once a day. While winning the “Best Blog” title in 2009 was great (and a 2nd giant vinyl “Best Blog” banner would compliment the Nashvillest HQ decor so well), we really only need you to help with one thing this year. Help us vote Mr. Tim as the best local weatherperson! Why? Because we miss seeing his face and his ties on the teevee every day, and we think he needs a nice, big “Best Weatherperson” commemorative banner to hang in the TwangTown TV offices. And, okay, we won’t get mad if you drop in a vote or two for us while you’re there. Vote!

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