What About The Water? [Flood 2010]

We’ve been getting lots of questions over the last few days about what’s going on with water conservation and why no one is talking about it anymore. We took a quick trip over to Metro Water’s website to consult the water measure infographic and found that we’re actually in pretty good shape. Thanks to all the #floodbeards, #floodlegs, and every other creative conservation effort out there, our water reserves have leveled off at around 85% after dipping to just 37% in the days following the flood. Nashville’s only operational water treatment plant, the Omohundro, continues pumping away like a champ while the damaged K.R. Harrington facility undergoes extensive repairs that will hopefully be finished up by the end of the month. As long as we can hold off on rinsing our cars, watering our lawns and power-washing basements for just a few more days, we’ll be alright.

While water emergencies are never a fun thing, we feel like we’ve had a pretty good crash course in water conservation over the past few weeks. So let’s keep it up! For some easy ways to keep saving water in your everyday life, check out Cool People Care or watch these videos at Metro Water Services.

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