Bright & Early: Waterlogged Edition [Flood 2010]

Good morning, Nashville.  With lots on our plate, we’re a little pressed for time. All the news is about flooding anyway, so here’s a quick roundup:

Photo via JKsGrownSexy.

  • The large fingered angels will be playing the building as we browse the halls.. Cool place. I’d recommend it if you guys have the time.

    • Yeah, we checked it out the last time it was free. Even if you’re not into country music, it’s still a cool glimpse at a lot of Nashville’s roots.

  • VictorJames

    Thanks for posting this.I happen to be off work and the wife has always wanted to check this out.We are 28 year residents of Nashville and have never visited.We were excited to hear when it was being built but never had to chance to make it.Thanks Nashvillest.I will post pics to the Flickr group.