The People Speak: “We Are Nashville” [Flood 2010]

Seeing a city so near and dear to our hearts be ravaged by floodwaters has been devastating to all of us. Yet we sit here, a little misty-eyed, as people worldwide arrive at Nashvillest by googling “how can I help Nashville?” We’re all responding to the disaster in different ways, and we’d like to take a few moments to feature other bloggers’ responses. Since we’d be here all day if we tried to include everyone, feel free to leave a link to your own blog post in the comments if we missed it. We love you, Nashville. We really do.

And we promise we’ll be back to your usual snarky, less-sappy Nashvillest soon.

To kick things off, RexBlog brought (more) tears to our eyes with “Because it is Nashville, a new song starts tomorrow.”

And finally,  this eloquent post from Patten Fuqua over at Section 303 pretty much wraps it up: We Are Nashville.

Illustration by Kyle Jones (@JustKyle).