Nashville Sounds Introduce Thirsty-ish Throwback Thursdays

After lamenting the absence of Thirsty Thursdays last season at the newly-renovated Greer Stadium, we’re excited to deliver news of a new Nashville Sounds season promo day that’s so close to the Thirsty Thursdays of olde, we can taste it. The Nashville Sounds will introduce “Throwback Thursdays” this year, offering hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, sodas and, yes, beer (!) for just $2 each. While it’s a 100% markup on the $1 beers we used to guzzle on Thirsty Thursdays, we really can’t complain about this.

Individual tickets for this season go on sale this Tuesday, March 16. The Sounds are also offering new ticket flex packs of undated vouchers, so you can use your tickets whenever and with whomever you please. Like on Throwback Thursdays.

Photo by stephenyeargin.

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