Blogs We Love: Alphabedible Adventures [Nashvillest Spotlight]

Nashville, blogging and food… Three things we love dearly. We also love unique projects by people who love this city as much as we do, and Brian & Tracy at Alphabedible Adventures fit the bill. They’re dining through the city of Nashville one letter at a time, and from the looks of things, having as much fun as it sounds.

Alphabedible Adventures just wrapped up their “I” visit by checking out the International Market on Belmont Blvd. They’ve got a running list of restaurants they visit on their A-Z foodie tour of Nashville, and sometimes they even let readers vote on their next destination. Each of their restaurant reviews is complete with clear photos and a solid critique of the food and atmosphere, making it one of our favorite foodie blog stops, even without the “alphabedible” twist.

Stay up to date with Alphabedible on Twitter at @alphabedible, and subscribe to their RSS feed here. We’ll see you there next week with the letter “J.”

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