March 24 Is Next Nashville Originals Discount Sale

Ahh, finally! More than a day or two of advance notice for one of our favorite quarterly events, the Nashville Originals discount gift certificate sale. Mark down March 24 on your calendar and get some extra sleep the night before, because you’ll be getting up early if you want to have a shot at scoring a deeply discounted gift certificate to your favorite local Nashville restaurant.

You know the drill – Browse the list of Nashville Originals member restaurants the night before and pick your targets. Wake up early the next morning and click here to get to the sale, then hit refresh a bunch of times until you finally score your $20 gift certificate for $12, $25 gift certificate for $16 or $50 gift certificate for $35! And, as anyone who’s been through the insanity will testify, they’ll be gone before you can blink… So you probably don’t want to stray too far from this chain of events.

Consider yourselves warmed & armed. As always, we’ll be wide awake and battling you for the goods, bright & early on March 24.

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