Happy Hour: Fish In A Barrel

  • Metro announced that they’ll probably be cutting 665 jobs from the school system at the end of the year, which should go a long way in closing the $35 million budget gap. Most of the jobs being cut are maintenance and custodial positions, which we guess means that everyone will be taking out their own trash next year. [WPLN]
  • Two Coffee County teachers were fired for doing shady things related to the TCAP testing, and because of this, every kid at that particular high school will probably have to re-take their test. They are thrilled by this, clearly. [WSMV]
  • The Beer Sellar and Hooters downtown will be closing up shop starting March 20th for building repairs. People are mostly upset that they have to find somewhere else to get their chicken wing fix, and to these folks we say “good luck.” There are not enough chicken wings in this city and we will be fighting you for them, you see! [WKRN]
  • And in today’s installment of An Important Person Forwarding A Racist Email In Tennessee, we have the CEO of the Tennessee Hospitality Association, who was instrumental to the passing of the Music City Center, forwarding an email comparing Michelle Obama to a monkey. Ha, ha, isn’t that funny? Nope. [Pith In The Wind]

Photo by Silenus81.

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