Happy Hour: Getting Our Goat

  • See this baby goat, you guys? Her name is Bette and she lives at The Green Wagon, where she is being bottle fed because her mom didn’t take care of her. Go give her a squeeze for us. [Flickr]
  • Now back to our regularly-scheduled programming: The Nashville MTA officially announced their new free Circulator buses that we’ve all known about for weeks, and supposedly there are maps schedules somewhere but we’ve yet to find them. [WSMV]
  • Speaking of, this MTA bus appears to have crashed into a pole downtown today and nine people were injured. [WKRN]
  • An MTSU poll revealed that about 75% of Tennesseans can’t name a single person who’s running for governor this year, so let us help you out. They are: Bill Gibbons, Bill Haslam, Jim Kyle, Kim McMillan, Mike McWherter, Ron Ramsey, Zachary Wamp and Tim McGraw. [WPLN]
  • We were actually (mostly) kidding about the Tim McGraw bit. You were paying attention… weren’t you? [Perez]
  • The city’s Nashville Riverfront Concept Plan actually includes rerouting the Cumberland River and building an island barrier between downtown Nashville and East Nashville which we shall call Middle-earth. [Post Politics]

Photo by Megan Morris.

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