A Tayst Of Takeout: New “Quickbytes” Lunch At Tayst

Chef Jeremy Barlow of one of our favorite Nashville Originals restaurants, tayst Restaurant & Wine Bar, is dabbling in new waters by introducing a limited-availability takeout lunch on weekdays for $8. Now, if you’ve ever darkened the doors of tayst, you know that $8 for a full, sustainably-sourced meal from Barlow is an unbelievable bargain.

Quickbytes began yesterday with an offering of a saffron & tomato braised chicken leg from Emerald Glen Farm, winter vegetable quinoa pilaf and cornbread. Today, we’re looking at sasparilla & stout lamb burrito with kale tortilla, black eye pea relish and cornbread. If you’re already salivating like we are, show up at tayst (2100 21st Avenue South) anytime after 11:30am with eight bucks and an empty belly. The sole lunch option will be tweeted each day that it’s available, and if the takeout lunch idea takes off, Barlow will consider adding more days, more meal options and call-ahead for larger orders. Until then, there will only be a limited number of lunches available (around 30), so snag ‘em early.

Hat tip to our good buddy Chris Chamberlain over at Bites, who gave Nashville the heads up about Quickbytes back in November. It doesn’t look like @the_green_tayst reached 500 followers before introducing Quickbytes, but we’re not complaining!

If you try a Quickbytes lunch before we do, be sure to report back in the comments (but you’ll have to beat us there).

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