Happy Hour: We Can’t Find Any News That Isn’t About Snow

  • We’ve made plenty of jokes about it already, but by the looks of this photo of the bread shelves this afternoon, y’all really did clean Kroger out of bread. [TwitPic]
  • Meanwhile, projected snowfall amounts for the region continue to go down, and down, and down… [NashvilleWX]
  • Yet we storm the grocery stores anyway. [WKRN]
  • And the silly Alaskans build creepy ice statues of our neighbor Al Gore to illustrate that global warming does not exist because it is cold outside. [Tennessean]
  • In seriousness, though, the city has teamed up with Red Cross to set up a warming shelter for the folks who don’t have roofs over their heads tonight or folks whose heat is broken. Check the Tennessean for details, and stay warm! [Tennessean]

Photo by jodestick.

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