Cheekwood Returns To Roots With $0.50 Admission In January

Waaaay back in the day (it’s okay, you don’t have to admit if you remember this far back), Cheekwood charged guests a mere $0.50 admission fee. Thanks to everyone’s favorite friend (inflation), regular admission is now up to $10 per person, but with plenty of generous free days to even things out.

But before we get too nostalgic about the 60’s, we’ve got some good news to share – Cheekwood is celebrating the beginning of their 50th year in Nashville by offering $0.50 admission for the month of January (see, we told you they were generous)! So try to forget about those below-freezing temperatures long enough for a frolic through the botanical gardens, or take the warmer approach and browse through the indoor art exhibitions while trying to remember, um, greener days. Either way, a visit to Cheekwood is a great way to spice up the dreary days of January, and for fifty cents it can’t be beat.

Photo by mahgegan?.