Bright & Early: One Year After Kingston Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the TVA ash spill in Kingston, Tennessee. Since this is one news story we’re absolutely guilty of harping on here at Nashvillest, we didn’t want today to pass by unnoticed. On December 22, 2008, 5,4 million cubic yards of fly ash (or 1.1 billion gallons) spilled out of a containment area when the dike ruptured, causing enough environmental destruction to be visible from space–the before and after images of which are seen above courtesy of NASA. Nearly $231 billion has already been spent on cleanup and it could take as long as four more years to finish. Each day, workers shovel ash into 100 train cars and ship it to Perry County, Alabama. Since the spill, many residents of Kingston have seen property values plummet and complained of health problems. We’re hoping things will look better a year from now.

Images courtesy of NASA, mashed up by us.

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