Where’s Mr. Tim The Weatherman? [Comings & Goings]

An observant Twitter follower tipped us off to the fact that our longtime friend, Mr. Tim the weatherman, is no longer showcasing his tie collection on WSMV. Naturally, we were devastated. Mr. Tim set sail for new seas earlier this month, and has posted an explanation of his departure, in typical Tim Ross-style, here:

It happened a few weeks ago. I offered to work until they found my replacement but the station management, feeling they were unable to accommodate my schedule requests, opted to end our TV relationship that same day! That often happens in TV. No biggie… I’ve moved on and so have they. It’s all good.  They’ll get a Christmas card!

We’ll miss seeing Mr. Tim’s face on the teevee, but there are plenty of ways to get our fix of his antics and tie collection. We’ve requested a free poetry book from TimRoss.com to enjoy while we wait for his more adventures at TwangTown TV to kick off, and we hear he’s looking for speaking gigs. Alright, who’s booking Mr. Tim?!