Save The Sign: Vote Now For The Donut Den’s New Sign

If you’re just catching up on the whole Donut-Den-sign-debacle, you probably haven’t driven through Green Hills recently. In place of their usual brightly-lit signature sign, the Donut Den (and every other shop in the Hillsboro Plaza) is sporting a bland white temporary sign during renovations. Word got out that the developers and owners were considering updating the sign to a more modern, “Green Hills” design, and all hell broke loose. Anyway, it’s probably no secret where we stand – We want our tacky neon sign back! Brookside Properties, the developer responsible for tearing down the sign in the first place updates to the Hillsboro Plaza has decided to give the community a voice in the sign debate by taking a vote in the Green Hills News, that weekly paper that gets stuck in our ditch more often than not. The current issue can be found online here, and we’ve included the new sign sketches in this post. While neither of these renderings appear to include fluorescent lights, we can at least get close!

To vote for your favorite sign, there are a few options. First, fax! Fax your votes to 298-1015. What’s that? Fax is too fast, you say? Try snail mail! Mail your vote to 2323 Crestmoor Road, Nashville, TN 37215. Oh, and there’s that other option of emailing your vote in to, but that would be too easy. Try calling the “Ticked Off Hotline” at 298-5597. Save the sign!

[Hat tip to Bites for the info.]