Bright & Early: Hands Off Edition

Good morning, Nashville. In case you missed it yesterday, police are on the lookout for a 5′6″, 140 lb. Hispanic man who’s been grabbing women’s butts as they jog along Belmont Boulevard. Based on the reports received so far, it seems to be happening between 5am and 6:30am, and the man lurks in his white four-door car with tinted windows before popping out and grabbing. If you’ve seen anything suspicious or even been a victim yourself, please report it to Metro so they can catch this creep. In the meantime, ladies, be careful!

A year ago on Nashvillest: We were a little creeped out by the guy who wrote a weird song about Keith and Nicole’s new baby, caught Will Hoge in the Belcourt’s backyard, wondered which locals refer to Pancake Pantry as PanPan, and got an update on one of the most epic newspaper ad breakups of all time.

Photo by Paul Nicholson.

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