McDonald’s Mocha Mondays [Freebies]


McDonald’s is pouring oodles of advertising money into taking over Starbucks, or so it seems. We’re fairly unimpressed with McDonald’s coffee, since it’s not really that much cheaper and certainly not better than visiting one of the 6,928 independently-owned coffee shops for our morning pick-me-up. But for the low cost of free, we might be persuaded to try out McDonald’s new espresso drinks – Exactly what they’re hoping to accomplish with new McDonald’s Mocha Mondays.

Every Monday, beginning today and running through August 3, McDonald’s will give out free sample size (8oz) iced or hot mochas in hopes that we’ll all build up Pavlovian responses and flock to McDonald’s every Monday morning for the rest of our lives. The offer is valid from 7am-7pm at participating McDonald’s.

Call your McDonald’s of choice before visiting to ensure that they are participating. We love our readers, but not enough to call every Mickey D’s in town.

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