Chipotle Opening November 13… And December 11?


The Chipotle at 2825 West End is officially opening on November 13, 2009.

But there’s even better news (at least, if you’re a Chipotle lover)…

Chipotle is opening a second location in Green Hills on December 11. That’s right, Nashville is going to have two Chipotles by the end of the year, and Green Hills is going to have just a little more traffic than usual. Good thing they’re doing road work now!

From the Bring Chipotle To Nashville Facebook group comes the official report:

Hello Nashville Chipotleans! This is Chipotle Chief Officer of the Bring Chipotle to Nashville group (kindly designated so by Mr. Kyle Chowning!)

I am pleased to let all of you know that we are indeed opening our first Chipotle restaurant at 2825 West End Avenue, which I think most of you have already figured out. We are looking to open on Friday, November 13th.

What you all probably don’t know is that I’m prepared to announce a second site, opening about a month later. The location is in Green Hills and we’re opening on December 11th. I’ll let you know the location as soon as I can let that cat out of the bag, which will be very, very soon.

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to meeting a bunch of Chipotle fans at our grand openings!

Bobby Shaw

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