Bright & Early: Need For Speed Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Franklin is really stepping up its game in an effort to catch more folks in the act of speeding. Though we rarely think to use “Franklin” and “speeding” in the same sentence, police have purchased two new SpeedSpy boxes, which they can hide around town to find out where the most offenses are happening and dispatch officers accordingly. The SpeedSpy is said to look like an unsuspecting lunch box strapped to an utility pole. So, moral of the story: If you a lunch-box-on-a-pole shows up in your neighborhood, it’s probably time to slow down.

A year ago on Nashvillest: We hung out with Gene Hackman at the library, saw Cher get accosted by some crazy fan, and suffered through some bad news about Nashville’s buses.

Photo by hikenandhistory.

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