Bright & Early: Seriously, TGIF Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Whether you were out chasing down one of the elusive Beastie Boys rumors (wait, was that just us?) or getting evacuated from LP Field along with 50,000 of your closest friends, last night was pretty rough all around. Storms rolled into the area around 11pm while Reba was onstage, and heavy rains and lightning and the possibility of tornaders forced officials to evacuate the stadium. At 12:15, things cleared up and the show went on. If ponchos and soggy tourists were on our CMApocalypse Bingo board, we would’ve totally won by now.

A year ago on Nashvillest. We warned you about a giant truck full of military antennas making its way super-slowly across Tennessee, bragged about our children’s hospital and lamented our #4 ranking for violent crime, entertained you with a corny pun, took a look at RTA’s rideshare program, and hid from the killer tomatoes.

Photo by aftershow.