John Rich To Maybe Run For Governor In 2010 [CMApocalypse]

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we at Nashvillest can never resist a good piece of John Rich news. Last night during a CMA-inspired segment on Larry King Live, he hinted about some aspirations to run for governor of Tennessee (thanks to Frank S. for the tip!) Although we feel like this is one of the worst ideas we’ve ever heard, we’re now banking on a John Rich vs. Tim McGraw throwdown in 2010. From the segment:

RICH: But I have a good time, man. I’m not one of the guys that lives in a cave and never comes out of the house. I go right out in the middle of the public and have some fun. And I’m thinking about running for governor of Tennessee in 2010 right now, so, you know, be watching.


Photo by freddthompson.