This Weekend: 7th Annual Catfish Rodeo And Water Festival

Saddle up your catfish! Or rather, take the kids out to Shelby Park tomorrow for the 7th Annual Catfish Rodeo & Water Festival, which coincides with Tennessee’s Free Fishing Day. Kids ages 5-16 will be allowed to fish in Shelby Park’s Sevier Lake from 8:30am-10:30am, where 2,000 pounds of catfish have helpfully been dumped to ensure that the kiddos will snag a good catch. Bring your own fishing gear, as loaner gear is scarce.

You may remember the Catfish Rodeo from its prior years in Centennial Park, but its new home at Shelby Park allows it to coincide with the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center’s Water Festival, from 10am-2pm. Games, fishing, scavenger hunts, boating and water education activities are all on the agenda for this year. 

Photo by Brent and MariLynn.

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