Do Your Part To Keep Facebook Annoying: Take The For Really Real Nashville Quiz

Your Nashvillest editors have both just finished being declared “Cash Villains,” aka “the real deal,” aka we-guessed-at-most-of-the-answers-because-we’ve-only-lived-here-for-five-years. It even tells us that we’re “up to the minute on where it’s at & where it used to be.” What a relief! 

While we were there, we took the How Nashville Are You? Facebook Quiz just for laughs, and it was embarrassingly easy. It validated us as “True Nashvillians,” and we went on our way with peace of mind. (Fine, so we stopped to take the What Fruit Is You? Facebook Quiz on our way out. Really, trust us on this one – just do it.)

If you’re up for the challenge, take The For Really Real Nashville Facebook Quiz and let us know how you stack up. 

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