Happy Hour: Their Sex Is On Fire

  • We can’t believe that we missed out on this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity–this honor, even–to appear alongside the internationally acclaimed and overwhelmingly famous Kings of Leon in their latest music video, which for some reason they decided to film in lowly Nashville. We might cry ourselves to sleep tonight. [Nashville Craigslist]
  • Ford Motor Company is offering up $20K to help the kids in Metro Schools prepare for careers, but hopefully not in the American auto industry which probably won’t exist in a few years anyway. [WSMV]
  • Speaking of that, 22 local radio stations are teaming up for a campaign called “Radio to the Rescue” in which they hope to convince all of us we need to buy cars right now in order to rescue the aforementioned struggling auto industry. [Our inbox]
  • The Nashville Career Advancement Center is offering free career services to all of you out-of-work Nashvillians at any of their six locations around Middle Tennessee. [WSMV]
  • In case anyone cares, there was a vicious cow-milking competition outside of Legislative Plaza today and Rep. Dale Ford totally pwn3d Rep. Mike Turner. [Post Politics]
  • Oh, and we’ve got six brand spankin’ new hybrid buses as part of our MTA fleet as of this afternoon! [Nashville Business Journal]

Photo by riotonsunset.