Welcome To Belle Meade, Moe’s!

It’s rare that we give a restaurant chain much attention on Nashvillest, because we love our local food so much. But for residents of Belle Meade and the surrounding areas, enthusiasm is high for Thursday, when the new Moe’s Southwest Grill opens at 4326 Harding Road in the new Belle Meade Hill Center. We’ll admit to loving us some Moe’s once in a while, though it’s certainly no Baja Burrito!

The first 50 people in line will get a free burrito every week for a year, and the next 50 people will get free burritos for six months – But if you’re one of those crazies, plan on camping out overnight (and cross your fingers that this snow takes a hike). The store opens at 11am on Thursday, and we’ll probably hear the cries of “Welcome to Moe’s!” echoing all the way over at Nashvillest HQ in Green Hills. 

Okay folks, time to sound off, because we know you’ve got some fierce opinions about your burritos. 

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