Happy Hour: When Words Fail

  • According to John Rich, Mayor Dean actually thanked him for building his house in Nashville. That’s it, Mayor Dean. We’re through. [Pith In The Wind]
  • And unfortunately, John Rich is going to start making music again too. [Tennessean]
  • On a somewhat related note, Metro PD wants the bars downtown to start serving beer in plastic bottles because sometimes people like John Rich like to smash glass bottles on each others’ faces. You know, safety first! [WTVF]
  • “The former secret Tennessee city of Oak Ridge will celebrate 60 years since the gates to the city were officially opened to the public.” We told you that place was creepy! [Chattanooga Times Free Press]
  • Things aren’t looking good for the folks at the Tennessean, who are being forced to take a second week-long unpaid vacation. [Gannett]
  • If you live in Council District 18, don’t forget that you’ve got a pretty important election coming up on Thursday! Read up and vote smart. [Tennessean]

Photo by emdoylethemick (and no, that’s not really John Rich).

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