Happy Hour: One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s ________

  • We can all probably take something away from the fact that Franklin just saved themselves $55K with a friggin’ compost pile. [WSMV]
  • The University of the South in Chattanooga Sewanee, TN has decided to ditch SAT and ACT scores in favor of other standardized testing scores, which might have saved us a lot of agony in high school. [Tennessean]
  • A chemical leak at Rock City Machine on Third Ave. this morning sent one employee to the hospital. [WSMV]
  • The Nashville Game Company found a way to bail out its own business–creating a Barack Obama jigsaw puzzle. [WKRN]
  • Rep. G.A. Hardaway (D-Memphis) is aiming to lower sales tax by one percent, which would be awesome but would also probably cost the state a few million dollars it doesn’t have right now.” [WTVF]

Photo by joi.

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