Bright & Early: Fierce Competition Edition

Good morning, Nashville. As much as we might try to forget about how football season ended for our Titans, we’re already hearing murmurings of what next season might look like for us… quarterback-wise, at least. Last week, Coach Fisher answered a few questions about whether country crooner Kerry Collins will be given the starting job again despite all of Vince Young’s talk about being ready to take his job back. Fisher insists that Collins will be starting, but also says that Young will have the opportunity to prove himself. And for posterity’s sake, please recall Vince’s September shenanigans.

  • Walk the walk. Mayor Dean is saying once again that he’s making sidewalks and bike lanes a priority for his administration. This time, it looks like he’s putting his (or our?) money where his mouth is by adding a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator to his payroll and appointing a citizen advisory committee. Not that we’re getting our hopes up, but we’d definitely like to see our city doing a little better than #444 on the Most Walkable City list.
  • Schoolhouse rock. Business is booming at Nashville’s for-profit colleges and technical schools despite the economic downturn. While state funding is spread pretty thin for community colleges, these other schools are finding that people without jobs are a lot more likely to enroll in classes.
  • Bits & pieces. We hope everyone’s real happy that Albert Haynesworth is about to become the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL … The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is receiving a few extra visits from foreign nationals … We’re not exactly sure what’s in swamp hog mud bug and gub-mint cheese soup, but we’re pretty sure we don’t want to find out … “My plane is crashing” is a text message that no one should probably ever receive.

Photo by Silenus81.

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