This Just In: Ben Folds At The Ryman April 7

From the looks of things, one of our favorite hometown heroes, Mr. Ben Folds himself, will finally be returning to play another show in Nashville (that isn’t at the Schermerhorn, as awesome as that was). The Nashville Convention & Visitor’s Bureau announced the April 7 show today on their Twitter account, and tickets will be going on sale next Friday, February 27. The date isn’t on The Ryman’s site, nor is it on Ticketmaster, so we suppose that Visit Music City could be leading us wrong… But for the love of all things holy, we sure hope not.

We’ll report back when we learn more about ticket prices and if there will be a presale or not. 2009 is shaping up to be a great year at The Ryman (and look! They’ve discovered Twitter too)!

UPDATE 2/19: Show confirmed by The Ryman. Lightning 100 will have an internet presale. Stay tuned to their Twitter/website for more details.