Bright & Early: Everyone’s A Star Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We feel like it’s safe to say that we left our mark on the Grammy’s last night. Sure, Miley and Taylor were no Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers, but Robert Plant and Alison Krauss walked home with five Grammy’s including Best Album and Best Record. Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, and Keith & Nicole all made appearances, and even Kid Rock showed up and managed not to embarrass us too much. All in all, it was a pretty decent night for the folks who call Music City home.

  • Free at last. Teenage hooligans all around Metro are rejoicing with the latest budget cut which removes electronic ankle monitors from the juvenile justice system completely. Guess they’ll just have to stick with the good old-fashioned ball ‘n’ chain.
  • Sinking ship. The feds are now freezing $5M in grants to Metro Nashville Public Schools because someone found out that they used their last grant for $1.6M illegally. Par for the course.
  • Bits & pieces. Metro Action Commission is running out of money to bail us all out of our sky-high electric bills … This is what happens when you go to a BBQ joint to interview people about pork barrel spending … The TVA may be lowering rates soon … Gov. Phil is all set to give the State of the State address today.

Photo by Chad Lunn.

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