Twitter Roundup: The Great Blizzard Of ’09 [For Posterity]

Well, Nashville, we survived our first blizzard of 2009… all twenty minutes of it. Since we’re pretty sure this won’t be happening again and we feel like we need to savor these moments, we’ve decided to document the historic occasion with some of our favorite Tweets and Twitpics from you, the readers. One of the most endearing things about our city is that we’re not really sure what to do when white stuff starts falling from the sky, so here’s a small taste of the pandemonium.

We laughed:

We cried:

We waxed poetic:

We rolled our eyes:

We snapped TwitPics:

From @gavoweb:

From @charleswvandyke:

And finally, we waved goodbye to our blizzard because it all melted in an hour: