Bright & Early: Money On The Mind Edition

Good morning, Nashville. It’s official: English First, the group behind the charter amendment that’s costing us 350,000 to put on a special ballot next week, has missed the deadline for disclosing their financial records. This means that we won’t know how much money they’ve raised or who it’s coming from until probably after the election next Thursday. Financial records for Nashville For All Of Us, on the other hand, show that the group has raised close to $300,000 from hundreds of donors including big names like Vanderbilt University, Gaylord Entertainment, Mike Curb of Curb Records, and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau. In related news, the NPT debate is still on for tonight at 7pm most likely without Eric Crafton.

  • More budget cuts for Metro. All departments of the Metro Government are looking at 10 percent cuts over the next couple of months. The priority is still on education (not that you’d know it by looking at how many kids are in school today!), but cuts are expected to happen all across the board.
  • Sending out an SOS. NES is trying to get a little bit more creative in working with folks who can’t pay their electricity bills this month. Earlier this week they explained to Metro Council why bills were so high this month, one of the major reasons being the TVA who keeps raising rates and spilling toxic sludge that costs a lot of money to clean up.
  • Bits & pieces. One of the people on the US Air flight that crashed into the Hudson yesterday was from East Tennessee … The Homelessness Commission wants Tent City shut down by July 1st … Unlike the rest of the country, property values in Davidson County actually went up last year.

Photo by heidiross.