“This American Life” Graces Cool Springs With Their Presence

Yes, you heard correctly. NPR’s “This American Life” spent some time in the Cool Springs Galleria recording a show. We’re not sure why Cool Springs was graced with their presence, but we can’t wait to take a listen and hear more about the Santa Feuds they uncovered (who knew)!

From ThisAmericanlife.org:

This American Life spends several days in a mall in suburban Tennessee, not only to find out what people are buying in this grim financial year, but to document daily life in the mall during the run-up to Christmas. Also, a rift in a national association of professional Santas—the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas (yes, there is such a group).

The full episode is available for mp3 download here. Thanks to Alyson for the link!