Bright & Early: Bowled Over Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Today’s the big day for the Music City Bowl! Although Vandy is still a little bummed out that they didn’t actually get to GO anywhere to play in a bowl, we’re totally excited that they’re staying home this year. We understand there’s a lot at stake this year–If they win, they’ll break a 25-year streak of losing seasons. Some folks seem to be under the impression that Boston College scares them or that they are somehow overwhelmed. Well, we’ve got news for you: We at Nashvillest aren’t drinking the Haterade. We know Vandy’s got this one in the tank. Oh, and the Woodland Street Bridge is shutting down at 12pm today and won’t open until fans have cleared out. So you may want to check Metro’s traffic advisory before you go anywhere near the stadium.

Photo by goyaboy.