Bright & Early: The Morning After Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We hear there’s a new president or something. Here in Tennessee, it’s business as usual with the Republicans gaining several seats in both the state House and Senate.  We are happy to report that yesterday went by without a hitch on the new voting machine front, though. Now we just get to watch it all unfold (or unravel, depending on who you voted for).

  • Darryl Worley loves MMA. For all the Mixed Martial Arts fans out there, country star Darryl Worley is working hard to bring MMA events to Nashville every month.
  • Metro’s finest. We’re not sure how this is newsworthy, but Metro Park Police are switching to blue uniforms from the green ones to make them look more legit.
  • Bits & pieces. The Circle K by Belmont was robbed last night … Obama supporters marched from TSU to Fisk last night around midnight … One of the witnesses to the Roma Pizza murder testified in court yesterday.

Photo by cgrantham.

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