Bright & Early: Oh, Thank Heaven Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Yesterday we mentioned that the someone may finally be ready to buy our gimpy minor league baseball club, the Sounds. The folks that want to buy them, based out of New York, could announce the deal as early as today. There are some other possibilities on the table that could pull them out of Nashville, but right now it’s looking promising. We may even get a new stadium out of the deal.

  • Weird. We’re not really sure what to say about this one, but the Tennessean reports that a convicted child pornographer has been blogging and podcasting from jail for his Nashville supporters. Yes, there are supporters.
  • BNA OK. The Northwest-Delta merger that happened yesterday shouldn’t have much of an effect on Nashville flights.
  • Bits & pieces. White Power is having a meeting out near Memphis and the old stompin’ grounds of our favorite would-be Obama assassin … Two folks in Davidson County were charged with TennCare fraud … Urban sprawl, in addition to mating season, is being blamed for more animal-car crashes … Despite the fact that we scraped ice off our cars this morning, it’s supposed to warm up this afternoon.

Photo by cgrantham.

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