Bright & Early: Bambi Goes Rogue Edition

Good morning, Nashville. Watch out for those deer while you’re driving around for the next few weeks. It’s mating season, which means the dude deer will be chasing the chick deer all over the place and probably in front of your car. On Friday, one deer flew through the windshield of a moving car, tumbled over the seats, and busted out the back window. Which is terrifying. Moral of the story: Watch out for the deer!

  • More Gannett layoffs. Jumping on the layoff bandwagon (or were they already on it?) Gannett is getting ready to axe 10% of their workforce which includes the Tennessean. [via Post Politics]
  • Countdown. If you haven’t early voted, you’re almost out of time. Early voting ends tomorrow when the polls close, and we’re still really far behind Shelby. Come on, Nashville.
  • Bits & pieces. Rep. Marsha Blackburn has the election in the bag, but she’s still begging for cash … The new voting machines aren’t making us feel any better … Steve McNair was added to the Titans’ Ring of Honor (we still never really found out what that is) … Police are searching for a yellow-shirted, black-shorted possible arsonist who may have set 2 buildings on fire last night.

Photo by prairiedog.

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