Hazardous Journey 2.0 [Gems From The Nashville Craigslist]

Uh oh! Someone’s pretty ticked that this week’s HAZARDOUS JOURNEY may not actually exist. Our loyal Craigslist tipster Sean keeps us informed:

Re: Hazardous Journey

Why dont you simply explain what the job is. “Safe return doubtful” does’nt put someone at ease. If it’s an attempt at humor, fine. But people looking for employment are’nt looking for comic relief. Get to the point and state the facts. Give clear concise information. You will stop getting flagged and start getting replies.


RE: Hazardous Journey! (Nashville)

This guy is a creep. Don’t respond to his ad’s. It sounds to me like he is up to absolutely no good. 
He says he is an “Ice Fisherman”…. EXPLAIN THIS TO ME CREEP… 


I lived in Massachusetts for 8 years, and we enjoyed our fish, and I know ALL about “ice fishermen”… and they weren’t honored, recognized, or illuminated for catching some fish. And if they didn’t think they “weren’t going to return safely, they would have never gone”… 

Your e-mail address is also suspicious. Fireworkstheywillcomeagain@……..com 

You are a class “A” Creep. And you sound to me like you are trying to do something “Un-American” if you catch my drift.

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