Blog Action Day Spotlight: Poverty

In case you haven’t been reading the internet today, it’s Blog Action Day, which is a day where bloggers take a post or two to talk about the same issue–This year, it’s poverty. We like to think of Nashville as a city with a big heart, but with the economy melting down and all that, it definitely isn’t the easiest time to think about giving. It’s also easy to forget that there are some great ways to fight poverty right here in Music City. Here are some of our favorites–Leave a comment and tell us about yours!

  • Campbell’s Chunky Soup Click for Cans – We love us some Second Harvest Food Bank, and this is a great way to support them that doesn’t cost you a dime. Head over to the Chunky site, vote for the Titans, and if they win, Campbells will send 18,000 cans of soup to our friends at Second Harvest to be distributed around the Middle Tennessee.
  • NES’s Project Help – Don’t let the Change for Charity mess stop you from supporting this effort, administered by Big Brothers of Nashville, which helps low-income, disabled and elderly Nashvillians pay their electric bills when they can’t afford it. NES can even add your donation to your bill.
  • Campus for Human Development – The Campus has been actively serving Nashville’s homeless for over ten years with parts of the program even dating back to 1969. They provide shelter, educational programs, respite care, alcohol & drug treatment referrals, and tons of other services over seen by one of Nashville’s most lovable advocates–Charlie Strobel. Find out how you can help.

Want to fight poverty, but you’re broke?  Look for some great volunteer opportunities through Hands On Nashville!

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