$25 Meals For $2 At Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com is running one of their infamous sales now through 1pm tomorrow, offering a coupon code (”EIGHTY”) for 80% off regularly priced gift certificates. And since the whole premise of Restaurant.com is offering discount gift certificates ($50 for $20, $25 for $10, $10 for $3), an 80% discount is pretty hefty. You can snap up $50 gift certificates for $4 and $25 gift certificates for $2. 

While Restaurant.com doesn’t hold a candle to Nashville Originals, they do have a handful of our local favorites – Alley Cat Lounge, Fattoush Cafe and Gersthaus, among others. Be sure to read the terms of each gift certificate carefully. Most have a minimum purchase amount and they usually don’t include alcohol or tips (bummer). Some restaurants have better deals than others, so sort through and take the opportunity to try something new. 

Their search tool has been glitchy today from heavy traffic due to the sale, and some of our searches by zip code mysteriously return no results… Just try your search again, and they’ll eventually show up (or click here for a link to our area search). The site is also excruciatingly slow, so you may want to try a down time – but they’re selling out quickly, so don’t wait too long.

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