Bright & Early: Rockin’ And Rollin’ Edition

Good morning, Nashville. As if we were looking for any more reasons to believe that Bible Park USA is a bad idea, we’re now hearing that the guy leading the charge for bringing the park to Lebanon and Wilson County has another project in South Carolina that completely tanked. Hard Rock Park, which was supposed to be the only rock ‘n’ roll theme park in the world, filed for bankruptcy this week and will be shutting its doors for the rest of the season. Officials say that this doesn’t really affect Bible Park, but we’re guessing it’s just a taste of what’s to come.

  • Off on the wrong foot. The Preds kicked off their 6-game preseason with a 4-2 loss against the Atlanta Thrashers. We won’t pretend we weren’t disappointed, but we know they were probably just uh, letting them win.
  • Habitat for humanity delayed. Remember that north Nashville neighborhood that wanted to drive out Habitat for Humanity, who planned on building a subdivision next door? The residents managed to cause enough of a stir at last night’s Planning Commission meeting to put off the vote on the project for a little while.
  • Bits & pieces. Hume-Fogg and MLK Jr. magnet schools among some of the best in the country … The health care scene in Nashville is getting all fired up about the debate … MTSU considers opening a campus in Shelbyville.

Photo by Rumielf.

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