This Weekend: The Most Unfortunately Named “Urban Adventure” Race Ever

Reality television has really sunk its claws into everyday life, as evidenced by the not one, not two, but three “urban adventure” races that have come to town in the past four months, all touting themselves as some sort of live-action Amazing Race. It’s all fine and dandy, but wow. The Nashville Oyster Urban Adventure Race will be happening this weekend, and there’s so many ins and outs that we’re not sure where to start. There’s the 3-person team deal, which will be male, female or coed by division. Then there’s the 6-person team deal, which will also be separated in divisions by gender. On top of all that, there’s a Family Fun division which has a bunch of clauses that we’re too lazy to list out. But for those left unconvinced by its less than savory name, the Nashville Oyster makes a hell of a lot of hypey claims. Highlights include:

The Ultimate Urban Adventure Race for its uncanny ability to provide pure athleticism with thought-provoking strategy.


If you are bored with your race, try an Oyster! …Your team will run-bike-scoot-paddle-trek-climb and perform other crazy athletic stuff you never dreamt could make a race so darn fun.


Q: What’s the “ball busting part” and “do you have the pearls” part? 
A: The course is designed to challenge every person who enters the race. Everyone who trains properly should be able to complete the course, but the ultimate test will be who finishes in the top echelon. Don’t be misled, this race will not be a walk in the park. It will challenge every aspect of your endurance, mind and body. It will beat you up and drain you, but once you cross the finish line, the accomplishment will be well-worth the trials! And, once you cross the finish line the true meaning of the name “Oyster” will be realized.

So now that you’re sold on being a part of the Nashville Oyster Urban Adventure Race, just fork over a couple hundred bucks (and get pledges for several hundred more), spend a few hours deciphering which division you belong in, register online, and show up at 6am Saturday morning (let us repeat: 6am Saturday morning) for a long day of running-biking-scooting-paddling-trekking-climbing. Full details and registration can be found here, and you have until 11:59pm Friday night to register. 

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