Nashvillest Guide To Getting Into Movies For Free

That’s right, we said for free. We’ve debated bringing you this info because we’re selfish, and spreading the word about free movies means less for us. But we feel like you have the right to know. 

Nashville is one of a handful of test markets for major theatrical releases. There’s almost always a screening of any new movie somewhere in town, but the trick is finding them. Sometimes we’ll be fortunate enough to stumble across someone from Lightning 100 handing out screening passes, or a free-for-the-taking stack hanging out at a bookstore or coffee shop. Aside from these rare strokes of luck, getting into movies for free takes a little digging. 

Our first (and main) stop is Shakefire. Shakefire does regional screenings, and we happen to be within their region. Sign up for a free account there, submit a request for the screenings you want, and you’re in. You just have to remember to go back and check weekly as they announce new screenings, because the better movies are always over-requested. Participation on their message boards is encouraged (to give feedback on the movies you screen), and they reward active members with preferential screening opportunities. Shakefire will mail your screening pass (good for two people) about a week before the screening. If you don’t get one, it means you didn’t get in. Easy enough.

The next stop to make is Wild About Movies. Some of their screening passes are printable, others require you to submit a request and wait to see if they open a screening in the Nashville area. We have less luck with Wild About Movies, but they usually screen great movies, so it can’t hurt to have a lot of Nashville people sending in requests. 

Just to cover your bases, sign up with the major film companies. Sony Pictures, Universal, Warner Bros., Paramount, Disney and more. They may or may not send you screening offers, and they may or may not fill your email up with spam. We’ve had luck with a handful of screenings from Columbia Pictures. 

Happy screenings, and save some room for us. 

Photo by mag3737

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