Bright & Early: The Blame Game Edition

Good morning, Nashville. We’ve been hearing plenty of talk about the state takeover of Metro schools, which supposedly happened because many of the district’s schools couldn’t meet the tough No Child Left Behind standards. New reports are showing that there may be more to the story–Metro may have actually been denied the state funding they would have needed to get their scores up. But the state disagrees, saying that they’ve awarded millions of dollars to the district in the past that have gone unused. We anticipate some drama.

  • Represent! John Rich, our favorite local celebrity/upstart and mastermind behind “Raisin’ McCain,” will be taking the stage tonight at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota. And not only will he be entertaining the crowd, but he’ll be doing so in rhinestone Wranglers.
  • The price of art. TDOT has been fighting an uphill battle to keep our road signs and overpasses graffiti-free. Officials estimate it costs upwards of $1000 to remove graffiti from a single sign, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year devoted to the cleanup.
  • Bits & pieces. Hurricane evacuees will be hanging around town for a few more days, and area shelters will be staying open for as long as they need to … Nothing to do with Nashville, but awesome enough to pass long: A cat napping on a spare tire underneath a truck found itself on a 75-mile road trip and survived … Thinking about buying a home? Nashville’s housing market is one of the most stable in the country … Yazoo is one step closer to claiming their new spot after the zoning passed its second reading last night … Vanderbilt Medical Center goes completely smoke-free.

Photo by Grey Street Girl.

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